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Surety and Fidelity Law

Harrison Law is unique in that it has substantial experience in both surety and fidelity law. Before founding Harrison Law, Mr. Harrison was an attorney for one of the premier surety and fidelity law firms in the southwestern United States. This tradition has continued at Harrison Law, which is recognized as a premier law firm for representing national surety and fidelity law clients. Mr. Harrison and Harrison Law continue to represent both surety clients along with entities and individuals submitting bond claims. In addition, Mr. Harrison also represents fidelity insurers that issue bonds and commercial crime insurance policies to financial institutions, credit unions, and businesses.

Harrison Law handles many types of surety and fidelity law issues, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Claim Investigation
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Project Default Investigation and Determination
  • Project Completion
  • Negotiation of Financing Arrangements, Workouts, and Security Agreements
  • Takeover Agreements and Tenders
  • Subrogation and Recovery
  • Litigation Against Indemnitors and Those Responsible for the Loss
  • Representation of the surety in Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Defense Against Bad Faith Litigation
  • Defense for Sureties in Payment and Performance Bond Litigation

Harrison Law’s significant legal background, litigation experience, and knowledge of surety law provide a unique viewpoint when a dispute involves a bond claim. Viewing a claim from both the claimant and the bonding company’s perspectives provides a “big picture” approach to claims that greatly benefits the surety client. Harrison Law’s extensive trial and courtroom experience brings weight and credibility if a dispute heads through litigation and into a courtroom. It is with this understanding in surety law and litigation experience that has allowed Harrison Law to continue expanding its surety clientele since its inception to the present day.