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Mediation Services

Harrison Law’s goal is to assist a business before a minor dispute or issue becomes a large one. In order to assist businesses, Harrison Law offers a mediation service to those individuals and businesses that are not clients of Harrison Law, but need a neutral third party to mediate a resolution of a business or other type of legal dispute.

Throughout his over 18 years of litigation and trial experience, Mr. Harrison has been involved in a broad spectrum of business, corporate, partnership, commercial, surety, fidelity, and construction law, disputes involving insurance and commercial litigation. Mr. Harrison has extensive practice and experience in complex multi-party cases involving both corporations and individuals. For five years as a Judge Pro Tem for the Maricopa County Superior Court, Mr. Harrison has participated as the settlement conference judge in settlement conferences throughout Maricopa County. This practical experience has allowed individuals and businesses to retain Mr. Harrison in order to assist in the resolution of their dispute without the need of expensive litigation.