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Environmental and Natural Resource Law

Harrison Law represents clients involving complex environmental and natural resource law. Whether a private individual or a business – environmental and natural resource law issues are prevalent and require a firm that can address these situations when they arise. In addition, environmental and natural resource law and regulations are often very complex, frequently changing and, in some circumstances, contradictory to each other. Harrison Law utilizes its comprehensive experience to address the multiple issues that may occur.

Harrison Law handles many types of environmental and natural resource law issues, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Environmental and natural statutes and regulation
  • Municipal and county building codes
  • Administrative law issues
  • Air and water quality issues
  • Land management (public and private)
  • Water law

Harrison Law understands that these often unknown and misunderstood statutes and regulations can have a significant impact on your business or personal property. Our goal is to provide the most effective representation possible, navigating through local and federal agencies, while avoiding excessive and unnecessary expenses. In order to accomplish this goal, we work closely with our clients and these governmental agencies to determine, as quickly and efficiently as possible, the best route to resolve the dispute. However, Harrison Law is not afraid to take an aggressive approach to a dispute when one is warranted and will proceed into litigation as needed.